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     What are Super Coupons?



Jolly Tiger Super Coupons are online versions of normal coupons. Each one has a special Offer or Deal, normally 50% or more off the regular price.


A Jolly Tiger Shopper can find Super Coupons in our email you receive together with the newest Offers, Daily deals and much more.

All you have to do is purchase and print your selected Coupon and depending on the Business Owner’s terms nominated, phone for a booking or just take the Coupon to the business to redeem.

If there isn’t a Coupon or Offer for your requirements one day, you can be assured there probably will be one the next, as Great Discounts and Savings are being added each day.


Why should I use Super Coupons?

Because they are the easiest form of couponing, you just point, click, purchase, print and then redeem. All the information is on a barcode and QR Code to make it easy for the Business Owner and you to redeem.


Everyone is after a bargain. Jolly Tiger finds the best promotions possible for our Shoppers.


We have a minimum Discount that Business Owners have to offer to be accepted. That doesn’t mean that they are restricted to that, many offer huge discounts and incentives to obtain your business. 

It’s all about saving money and finding that unique product, service or gift!


What type of Business Owner offer Products or Services through Jolly Tiger?

Jolly Tiger is endeavouring to cover the broadest Business Owner base possible for our Shoppers.

Although we specialise in Business Owners in your local area for convenience and local support, we also offer you great offers to other destinations and wherever you may want to travel.

We may even be able to provide Coupons to help you plan for that travel, plus end destination accommodation and activities. Jolly Tiger Super Coupons will be able to offer you great deals on many goods and services including;

  •      * Accounting
  •      * Adventures
  •      * Automotive Accessories
  •      * Automotive Services
  •      * Business Services
  •      * Consumer Packaged Goods
  •      * Diet and Fitness
  •      * Electronics
  •      * Entertainment
  •      * Fashion

    •      * Health & Beauty
    •      * Health & Pharmaceutical
    •      * Holiday Escapes
    •      * Legal
    •      * Restaurants
    •      * Takeout & Delivery
    •      * Trades & Services
    •      * Travel
    •      * PLUS much more

I’m a business and would like to participate?

That’s easy!

Sign in or Sign up at www.jollytiger.com  and you will find all how easy it is.

Jolly Tiger is always ready to help new businesses join Your Jolly Tiger World.

You will gain a great new range of ready customers looking for your Special Offer and it will be shared by our Members with family, friends, and work colleagues by email and on social media.


What won’t Jolly Tiger promote?

You won’t receive or be offered anything that is illegal or socially unacceptable.

Our integrity and credibility is something we won’t compromise.


Is the Coupon I receive limited to just me?

Not at all!

We want our Shoppers to experience new things and share them with friends, work colleagues and family. You can share with Friends on venues such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Just send them a Jolly Tiger Super Coupon or link to the Jolly Tiger Website and they too can take advantage of the great Offer and receive regular emails and Special Daily Deals as they happen.

Remember that most coupons have a minimum and maximum quantity specified and also a purchase period. In addition to helping your friends and maybe sharing that dinner or outing with them, You EARN great Loyalty Rewards for yourself when someone you introduce buys a Coupon.



What are Loyalty Rewards?

Jolly Tiger Loyalty Rewards are rewards for introducing your friends, family and work colleagues to Jolly Tiger. Once they register and when they purchase their first Super Coupon Deal you will automatically receive a $5 Credit towards your next Super Coupon purchase. Imagine how many people you would like to share these great Super Coupons with? There are links to email or connect to all social networks on our site.

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